Dance Off: Covariance vs Meat Free

This Sunday’s Jaded Room 2 is looking mighty. Manchester party starters – Meat Free (the all-girl team behind the legendary Blueprint 20 Years session & more), will join forces with Covariance. This is the first date of a new residency for Covariance’s Emily Ono and Moniker. Fresh from Moniker’s huge release on Unconditional Music, they are kicking off their new era on a high; inviting their rave buddies Blasha & Allatt for an all-day session.

So what can will the Jaded children be dancing to..? We asked the girls and Tim to share some of their top tunes.

dance off

Blasha & Allatt

Aux 88 – Direct Drive. Our favourite Aux 88 track! Twenty-one years old and still one of THE baddest basslines.

Alden Tyrell – Acid 7. Super simple, down to the point acid banger! Always gets the dance floor moving, no matter what time of day or night.

Madonna 303 – Help Me Do Good!  Exceptionally fast paced 303 track, with a perfect vocal that always injects a bit of life into the party.

Stephen Brown – Medusa (Original Mix).  Incredible vocal. Always does the job. Don Williams remix is also outstanding.

James Ruskin – Work (Steve Rachmad Mix) The ultimate track to rescue a dance floor. From the second the bells start to creep in, it’s pure fiyahhh!


Emily Ono & Moniker

Premiesku ‘Gajey’. This one never leaves the bag! – a self indulgent sexy cut which always commands a good response…

Steve Murphy & Gene Hunt ‘Relaxed Groove’. A very special track for us, been playing this for a long time. It perfectly combines all the elements we love, a raw, yet soulful & deep track which never disappoints!

Kris Wadsworth ‘Lime & Pink’. Killer track, all about the switch up and the Marvin Gaye sample! The baseline works so well in Room 2 (particularly with the new subs!), a definite favourite…

Freund der Familie – ‘Hydra’. A filthy little rumbler, again this one perfectly compliments the system in room 2… Heavy gritty bassline!

Dj Slip ‘Sketches vol 1’. This track needs little introduction, definitely one of our Jaded favourites… A cheeky mid 90’s techno work out!! A hidden gem on all accounts, Dj Slip at his absolute finest!

Covariance vs Meat Free at Jaded this Sunday. Doors open 5am and we’ll be running through until at least 3pm. In room 1, Tommy Four Seven & VSK will headline alongside Raymundo Rodriguez and Chris Stanford. Last £15 release tickets here or put your name on the guestlist.

Watch the Jaded Summer Party preview:



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