Jaded is London’s infamous techno afterhours party. Now appearing at Corsica Studios every Sunday from 5am – 3pm. It’s much more than a place to go when Saturday night has finished, although the opening hours certainly give it its edge. Inside you’ll find a mixture of fanatical techno lovers, workers and artists who are just as likely to wake up on Sunday morning and spend the day dancing as arriving there from the night before…

The special guests are a mixture of established and future techno heroes playing alongside arguably the most talented set of residents the UK has to offer. Main resident Raymundo Rodriguez presides over room 1 alongside Chris Stanford and Stephanie Sykes. Room 2 focuses on label parties follows a more diverse agenda.

Recent guests include Zadig, Tommy Four Seven, Rebekah, Par Grindvik, Ansome & Defekt Blue Hour, Rrose, Paula Temple, Bas Mooy, Clouds, Pfirter, Inigo Kennedy, with Polar Inertia, Sleeparchive, Roman Poncet, Dax J, Stranger and Cleric on their way.

The culture of Jaded is unique and infectious. Having been built over a decade, once experienced you’ll never truly check out.

Get in touch: info@jadedlondon.com

jaded b&w 1 big


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