Raymundo Rodriguez

A cult hero to many Londoners, Raymundo Rodriguez is known for a combination of technical skill, raw power and timeless extended day-trips which have lasted 10h or more, most notably the afterhours closing of The End in 2008. Ray was also the main resident of Cable, powering the incredible main room from 2010 right until the weekend Network Rail moved in, in 2013…

ray batofar copy

As Jaded’s main resident at South London’s revered Corsica Studios, he has helped to establish the afterhours as a home of Sunday techno in London. A DJ first and foremost, his roots lead back to his residency at seminal Sunday session Vertigo. Ray’s passion for gritty and incessant grooves and his obscure musical knowledge are more apparent now than throughout his career as one of London’s best-loved figures.



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