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Introducing: Tim Tama

On Sunday 3rd September, we host one of our most important Jaded and UK debuts of 2017; perhaps even ranking up there with those of Janice and I Hate Models. Over a strikingly brief space of time, Tim Tama has exploded onto our consciousness with releases on Obscuur, Taro Records, Grounded and Raven Sigh, but that’s just the beginning…

Hi Tim! We are so hyped to be hosting your UK debut at Corsica Studios next Sunday. You’re still something of a mystery to us and we’re sure to many of your followers in London. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey into techno, the first clubs or music events you visited, and your first inspirations artist-wise?

Hi, I’m very excited as well. I started producing techno intensively about 7/8 months ago. I’ve always been busy with making/playing music though. I’ve been playing guitar for about 10 years now, and grew up listening to bands like RHCP, The Arctic Monkeys, and Metallica. Later I started listening to more progressive stuff like Dream Theater, Meshuggah, and Animals as Leaders. The journey into techno was fairly gradual; I started out by listening to softer variants of the genre like deep house and tech house. But, because I listened (and still do) to a lot of metal music, I naturally gravitated towards the more heavy and dark side of techno music.

Other than (progressive) metal and heavier techno, I also listen to a lot of hip-hop/trap music. Artists like Travis Scott, one of my favourite rappers, really inspire me in terms of the ambience one can create within a track. My favourite Dutch hip-hop group is De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, I’ve been a fan since they released their first single called ‘Watskeburt?!’ in 2005. They are worth looking up, even if you don’t understand Dutch.

My favourite music events I have visited so far were the 2nd and 3rd edition of Katharsis, organised by Reaktor. Everything about those events just made sense to me: the visuals, the music, the venue, and the people.

You’re releasing on so many of our favourite labels right now. Was the process of handing over your tracks to an exterior force daunting at first?

I wouldn’t say daunting. I found it very exciting actually. But, the deadlines and the time it takes to actually release something on a label is a reason for me to release the music I make myself. I just don’t like being dependent on other people’s schedules haha.

You’re a prolific music maker, embracing so many different themes within your work… The Skin EP and Still Waters Run Deep to us, are the most evocative and emotional so far. Is this why you chose to release them independently..?

Thanks for the compliment. The reason for releasing them independently is pretty much explained in my previous answer. I just like to do everything myself, from mastering to the artwork haha.

To avid followers of Jaelos’s channel, you and your tracks appear to be something of a muse. How did you start collaborating and who comes up with the themes for the videos?

If I recall correctly, I sent Jaelos some tracks a long time ago. He posted them on his Youtube channel, and he’s been keeping an eye out for my tracks and posting them if he likes them ever since. The videos and themes are created by Jaelos himself entirely. I send him my music, and I guess some tracks invoke ideas for videos. I really enjoy them, as they add something extra to the music. So far, this collaboration has been quite fruitful.

Who should we look out for on your local scene?

One artist in particular that I think is very innovative and original is Sensive. You should check out his EP ‘Vacuum:void’. The grooves and percussion on his tracks are really nice. Would be nice to see him on a Jaded line-up.

Final question – what do you have in store for the Children Of Jaded this Sunday?

Expect a set with some variation. I like to alternate between heavy, fast, groovy, dark, and light.

He certainly does! Catch Tim’s set from 9am on Sunday 3rd September. Chris Stanford will be closing with the Sprungnacht crew taking over room 2. Get on the guest list here or grab early £10 tickets here .


Sticky times ahead…

It’s with waves of love and sheer excitement that we welcome almost the entire Sticky Ground crew on Sunday 15th October with sets from Tomas Kunkel, Klankman, FLmm, Empyrean, Küetzal, Curled and Sancta Sanctorum. Off Topic will take over room 2, so there will be all kinds of techno to keep our axes aloft until 3pm.

filtered sg

Grab early £5 tickets here .

Dance Off: Covariance vs Meat Free

This Sunday’s Jaded Room 2 is looking mighty. Manchester party starters – Meat Free (the all-girl team behind the legendary Blueprint 20 Years session & more), will join forces with Covariance. This is the first date of a new residency for Covariance’s Emily Ono and Moniker. Fresh from Moniker’s huge release on Unconditional Music, they are kicking off their new era on a high; inviting their rave buddies Blasha & Allatt for an all-day session.

So what can will the Jaded children be dancing to..? We asked the girls and Tim to share some of their top tunes.

dance off

Blasha & Allatt

Aux 88 – Direct Drive. Our favourite Aux 88 track! Twenty-one years old and still one of THE baddest basslines.

Alden Tyrell – Acid 7. Super simple, down to the point acid banger! Always gets the dance floor moving, no matter what time of day or night.

Madonna 303 – Help Me Do Good!  Exceptionally fast paced 303 track, with a perfect vocal that always injects a bit of life into the party.

Stephen Brown – Medusa (Original Mix).  Incredible vocal. Always does the job. Don Williams remix is also outstanding.

James Ruskin – Work (Steve Rachmad Mix) The ultimate track to rescue a dance floor. From the second the bells start to creep in, it’s pure fiyahhh!


Emily Ono & Moniker

Premiesku ‘Gajey’. This one never leaves the bag! – a self indulgent sexy cut which always commands a good response…

Steve Murphy & Gene Hunt ‘Relaxed Groove’. A very special track for us, been playing this for a long time. It perfectly combines all the elements we love, a raw, yet soulful & deep track which never disappoints!

Kris Wadsworth ‘Lime & Pink’. Killer track, all about the switch up and the Marvin Gaye sample! The baseline works so well in Room 2 (particularly with the new subs!), a definite favourite…

Freund der Familie – ‘Hydra’. A filthy little rumbler, again this one perfectly compliments the system in room 2… Heavy gritty bassline!


Dj Slip ‘Sketches vol 1’. This track needs little introduction, definitely one of our Jaded favourites… A cheeky mid 90’s techno work out!! A hidden gem on all accounts, Dj Slip at his absolute finest!

Covariance vs Meat Free at Jaded this Sunday. Doors open 5am and we’ll be running through until at least 3pm. In room 1, Tommy Four Seven & VSK will headline alongside Raymundo Rodriguez and Chris Stanford. Last £15 release tickets here or put your name on the guestlist.

Watch the Jaded Summer Party preview:


Taking Over: South London Analogue Material

This Sunday May 1st, S.L.A.M. will take over Jaded. We grabbed a pre-apocalyptic 5 mins with local heroes, Ansome and Ossian…


Hi Ansome and Ossian! Thanks for letting us host the second invasion of S.L.A.M. at the South London techno temple that is Corsica Studios. Tell us about your ties to South London.

Ansome & Ossian – Thanks for having us, it’s a pleasure to return to Jaded. There have been so many great techno events at Corsica this year, it’s great to be involved and we hope each S.L.A.M. take over brings something new and is better than the last.

We met studying at London South Bank and both lived in Brixton so we’ve had the last 3 years here. It’s easy to spend a lot of time in Brixton, good food, skateparks, basketball courts, nice parks and it’s got a community vibe that a lot of places in London don’t have … and now thanks to the Container records a good record shop close by, go check it out if you’re in the area.

We’re all familiar with the inimitable sound of S.L.A.M., but it would be great to know more about its origins. How did you two come together working and forming the label? Can you name some of your strongest influences and inspirations?

Ansome – I started the label with Catch as we wanted to put out some heavy records that didn’t have at home at the time.

Ossian – Kieran is the one that got me listening to techno and I wanted to get involved in a label so I offered to help with S.L.A.M. just after the 1st release.

Ansome – As we studied at uni together and like similar music it was a logical choice and works very well and Catch ended up moving to Berlin. I’m also quite busy atm giging and being lazy so Ossian really keeps stuff running. So many influences it’s difficult to name drop but we just wanted to push the limits with the harder sound of techno and open up the idea of putting out some really crazy shit.

Ossian – Yea we are both pretty chilled and don’t take things too seriously so it’s a very straightforward dynamic, which is great most of the time except when you need to get shit done, but that is something we are getting better at (maybe).

From the start we both wanted to make sure that every aspect is as good as it can be, that the music standard never drops and that the look of label and the quality of the merch is always the best. So in terms of label inspirations anyone that has been doing that for a long time, techno or not, we have a lot of respect for. But we want to keep doing things our own way, we have loads of releases lined up now so very exited to see how the label grows.

Who makes the apocalyptic sleeve art?

Ansome – We basically just steal some really cool images and I’ll mess with them on photoshop. We let the artists choose what they want. It’s probably not okay to do this but as its vinyl only limited press it seems to not attract much attention, yet.

Ossian – Choose what they want to a certain degree, it’s definitely a collaboration between us an the artists, most of the time they get the aesthetics of the label but we have had a few funny ones we’ve had to say no to.

We’re pretty excited that you’ll finally be playing live on stage together at Jaded. Ossian, what’s the balance between what’s planned and improvised when you’re on stage?

Ossian – It’s all improvised, imagine a live improv jazz duo except not as cool, and neither of us can play an instrument. When we first started out we tried a few times to pre plan bits but it never works out happening like you plan it and you end being a bit disappointed. Also with gear constantly changing we just decide before the gig who is going to focus on what an we have the freedom to switch around during the performance, so we don’t practice the set together we just turn up and do it, for me it works out much better when your not thinking about how you should be doing it and let the unconscious do its thing. Some bits might be a bit pants but then when it all comes together it’s better, thats the fun about it being live and we have a similar philosophy to live performance so it works well.

Kieran, tell us a bit more about the live set you developed with DeFeKT after unexpectedly sharing his gear and the stage last time at Jaded?

Ansome – no idea how this happened but we just started playing together and it really works. But make such different music but perform in a similar style so it just seemed to click. Also both being solo performers it’s a breath of fresh air having some one to share the load. Allows for me time to get creative. So yeah the last Jaded I just returned from a 2 day bender in Budapest and found out my flat had been flooded, most of my gear was underwater apart from my drum machines in my waterproof Pelli case floating on the surface, defekt came to the rescue with his modular and we jammed it out together.

Ossian – ‘Breath of fresh air’ … haha really gay!

Final question – do you have a warning for the children of Jaded ahead of Sunday?

Ansome & Ossian – No warning as such but it’s shaping up to be a Jaded not to miss. Our pals PLS UK are going to be giving it some in room 2. Very exited to have Keepsakes this side of the equator so soon after the release, which is doing well so thanks for the support and Myler’s sets always do damage. Corsica Studios is going to get a good pounding and if the techno gets you horny remember to practice safe sex … preferably with a Perc Trax condom!

Thanks you two, see you for breakfast. Jaded children, brace yourselves!

Ansome and Ossian will play live and dj sets this Sunday alongside Myler and Keepsakes with almost the entire Pls.UK crew taking over room 2: Harbot, Hono, Anthro live, Danilo Incorvaia, Curled and Küetzal.

Check out the full timetable. Get tickets or add your name to the cheaplist.

Taking over: Pls.UK

plsus blog final.jpg

This Sunday, the Jaded children will be treated to label showcase of seismic power. We caught up with label co-owner Mino Murri to find out more about the rise of Pls.UK and the draw of living and creating techno in London…


Hi Mino! Thanks for taking time out to chat to us ahead of your Pls.UK invasion of Jaded this Sunday. Can you introduce the posse who will be taking over Corsica Studios room 2? in your own words, can you define the sound of the label?
First of all, thanks to you for inviting us to one of the best parties in London! The whole posse is coming –RVDE, Hono, Curdled, and Mistico. We have some great releases lined up this year so getting the chance to play all together is going to be something great! We have created a strong bond over the last few months and I am grateful for the music that brought us all together. Our sound is raw and aggressive –like a punch to the ears. Working with great people produces great artists. Our label embodies this completely.


Ansome and Ossian were the artists on PLS UK 001 and of course Ayarcana, Ontal and Ingen feature on 002. Is there a story behind the label’s inception you can share with us?
The reason for choosing artists like Ossian, Ayarcana, Ontal, and Ingen is, firstly, the energy they project into their tracks. When Alessio Sologno and I opened the label we had an idea of what kind of sounds we wanted to promote through the label. We both try to find the right synergy between the music which emerged from the 90’s rave sub-culture and the merciless pounding of pure techno. This is the music that we dance to today –whilst maintaining some distance from the Berlin techno, it’s as if we are bringing back the past and creating a new present all at the same time. We are living during an impressionable moment for techno and I hope that PLS.UK can make a lasting mark on the scene for generations to come.


How do you feel about the scene in the UK in general right now? What excites and inspires you about working in London?
For me, the UK scene is in its prime right now! This nation is finally taking over all the space and coverage it deserves. It’s just my point of view of course, but I think it’s impossible not to dance to any given track released here in this moment! My music along with PLS. UK releases are absolutely chaotic, and I think this is a reflection of the lifestyle in London. I always find myself rushing and pacing from one place to the next, so I like for the music to do the same thing. In this way, London can also be an inspiring place for making music! Everywhere that I go I hear or see something that makes me want to go back home and make a new track. I am also grateful to English people for understanding and supporting the effort put into my projects. I get treated like an artist here, but believe me where I come from everything is totally different. If you make music over there, it’s the equivalent to making nothing. It’s an unfortunate reality that some people view it this way, but I am only appreciative to be able to live this moment in a city that loves and supports the music!


This Sunday, you’re playing live as part of Harbot, tell us about what to expect from your set.
Yeah, Harbot will be myself and Alessio Sologno, co-owner of the label. As always, when we play as Harbot, we can only expect to demolish the place! We also hope that the crowd will reciprocate what we feel and enjoy what we do. So far Harbot has played just once in Milan for MX LAB and I can guarantee that the result was beyond what we expected!


What can we expect from Pls.UK 003?
003 will be an EP from Harbot that we’ve been working on for 1 year now. We also have some really interesting stuff in collaboration with guys like Ingen, Keepsakes, Anthro, and a few others who I won’t mention yet as I’d like to keep you guys on the edge of your seats. Believe me, it’s worth the anticipation!


Finally do you have a warning for the children of Jaded ahead of Sunday?
All I can really say is that it will be a mess! The walls might crack, floors could disintegrate, and you may probably forget who you are for a moment, but I hope in the end you’ll remember how thankful I am for anyone who makes it out this Saturday!


Thanks Mino, we’re looking forward to a proper breakfast dance off with you, Alessio and the crew!


Pls.UK are taking over Jaded’s room 2 from 6am this Sunday morning. Doors open at 5am, and you can read the full timetable for both rooms (Flug to headline room 1) and get on the cheap list here.

Introducing: Stranger

This Sunday at Jaded, we’re celebrating the latest release on Monnom Black with a morning of extended play from Dax J and Stranger. This will be the first time playing in the UK for Stranger, and we’re anticipating a 90s rave tinged daytime techno masterclass from our heroes! We caught up with the artist Dax has been seriously bigging up to find out more about his journey so far.


Hey Mitchel, thanks for taking time out to chat to us ahead of a busy weekend in Germany followed by your London debut! We wanted to ask you firstly about your label, Self Reflektion. Can you tell us about your motives in setting it up?

I’ve been really shy to send music out to other people, even when I first started making music back in early 2000’s. The first thing I did before I could even make a decent track was starting my own netlabel/trackergroup so that I wouldn’t have someone else deciding over my music. So having full control over the concept of the label is definitely been a motive for me to do things on my own.

At the time I started Self Reflektion, I definitely felt the urge to contribute my share to the local techno scene, and I still feel the same way. I definitely look up to people such as Bas Mooy or Speedy J who have been around for ages obviously and are still doing alot to make something out of the local scene, but I can mention names for two days straight of people I respect because they do something to make the music live around here. It was definitely a motive for me to start this label, I wanted either to be someone making a difference as well or to be a music lover, but nothing in between.

How did you discover your label mates?

Either I already knew them and asked for music or Soundcloud. I always liked to sit behind my computer browsing Discogs for hours just reading about artists and labels, and the same goes for discovering new music on Soundcloud; just by looking at users that share similar taste and seeing what they were reposting I found Herman Gonzalez and instantly fell in love with the track that became the A1 track on REFLEKT003. Same goes for Hiroaki Iizuka, who I knew from his past productions on Theory and several other labels. Remco Beekwilder I think also came along this way. It’s different for my partner from Paling Trax Lenson, who lives in Rotterdam as well. I met him during a concert of Jan Smit (for those who know)…

Mate Panic’s art for the label is glorious, how do you decide on the theme for each release?

I’m not really into visual art myself but when I first saw a work from him I was just overwhelmed. I’m really thankful im able to collaborate on the label artwork with such an extraordinary artist since the label started! The themes accidentally come to life most of the time, I think the techno sound I’m aiming at with the label just matches really well with his drawings. I think he’s just as much a part of the artists as the producers are.

You are celebrating the release of your Highest Sense EP with us at Jaded which Dax is putting out on Monnom Black. What’s it like to DJ and work together?

It’s going to be the first time DJ’ing together actually! Dax has really surprised me alot over the past year with his choice in records during his sets, but I was even more impressed with the productions he had been putting out on Monnom Black. We came to talk somewhere along the way, and it didn’t take long before we started working towards a stranger EP for his label. His patience and ongoing support means alot to me and I’m looking forward to working together much more this year! We both share similar taste in oldschool techno/jungle/rave vibes while playing completely different records during our sets. So I’m looking forward to see how we connect during a dj-set. With Jaded being the first night where we’ll be meeting up, I have invited him to Rotterdam in March where we will be playing together, solo, b2b on and off… Exciting stuff!

You’ve both just been announced for Awakenings and you played Gashouder on New Years Day. Can you tell us about the experience?

The Gashouder venue was a special place for me as a visitor, where I met some of my best friends and during my visits to the numerous Awakenings weekenders over the past few years. So it probably speaks for itself that i was nervous as hell… But it was an amazing experience. To play at Awakenings is something i would never have dreamed off, especially not this early in my career. For me they have proven more than ever that they still stand tall after all those years. Not just in their shows or production, but in supporting the local techno scene guiding young producers and providing a stage for debutants.

Your love of 90s Rave is reflected in your Warehouse Memoires EP, we understand you made the track whilst living in disused warehouse; tell us more about that period…

It was the most intense time I’ve experienced. At time of writing all of that stuff for my first release as well as writing the music for the release, I was definitely full of inspiration from all that I saw and heard while living there. And obviously I was enjoying all of the space I was able to use while living there. But just like my girlfriend felt earlier on already, in the end I started to feel more and more isolated being the only one living in the area. I worked day and night on music and with few people attempting to intrude my home, truck drivers sleeping in front of the house and illegal raves being held in warehouses like the one attached to my living space… I felt like I was slightly moving towards paranoia. When listening back to the tracks I made there I hear a huge difference between my euphoric moments (like when I did Picklehead) and moments of anxiousness (the original mix on Warehouse Memoires). And since I’ve started living in the ghetto streets of Southside Rotterdam, my sound has definitely developed to be ghetto booty-proof!

Finally we’re thrilled to be hosting your UK debut this Sunday. Do you have a warning for the children of Jaded..?

A warning? Yeah if you ever get the chance to live in an empty warehouse in Rotterdam make it quick and get the best out of it musically, hah! I’m looking forward alot to visit London for the first time and we’re going to make it a morning to remember. Thanks for having me and see you on Sunday.

Nice one Mitchel! 

Dax J and Stranger will play Jaded this Sunday morning. Get on the list and check out the timetable here.